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singer-songwriter vulnerability disorder


"How do 'dem boys do it, Lucky? How 'dem boys do it", the weary traveller says gripping nylon and fur of a bandana'd Welsh Corgi. "Boy, I've seen Georgia, Utah, Montana, and beyond. Way beyond. Its one mystery I can't figur' out."


A guy who can't be a leaf drop further than 25 witnesses his problem walk in front of him, while he's perched against the slate of a Memphis brick wall cradling a changeless cap. A band of about 4 to 5 fellas who've seen all he's seen and gripped all he's gripped. Only there's one variable : They've done it together. Our changeless capped one hasn't done it with anyone but a mutt.


Fella looks at Lucky like they've been through world's end and then some together. They've seen things. "We've seen things, Lucky." They've seen how the blurry lights in the tunnel shoot into the wide, moonlit night over Lincoln. They've seen three gas stations a night on average getting from one show to the next, with a Big Gulp and no promises to afford another the next city. They've seen souls die, people die, dreams die. They've felt all three at once but are still standing to tell the story, due to miracles unexplained in this life.


"Lucky, where's home?", the down-on-his-luck'er says. To most anyone this time he says it. Not particularly the dog. "Where's home, lucky?"


Truth is, home burned down while the new adult man was away finding a star. Nobody was hurt but it sure felt, and feels, like it. "I'm fightin' a battle that nobody but about five or six somebodies can win." You can feel the texture of the teardrop rolling over his dirt drenched face from dusty autos on the interstate... Which passby in lightwaves over his home for the night. Like a river running over untracked mountains between Mexico and Arizona. "But I aint go no regret', Lucky. It was this or face life where I stood... 'Round the time I originally left."


In a cove below Nashville's I-65, where a river of blinking lights meet the lord's atmosphere, the singer-songwriter with a vulnerability disorder lays in dream. I don't believe this trucker has a fear in his mind doin' so either. He'll take it as a comes and leave nothing like a good survivor does. Leavin' nothin'.  Even fate.